Afreeca World 8

Afreeca World Invitational 8

Elazer continues to defend his title as the reigning Afreeca World champion for 4 straight tournaments! This time we invite fellow Polish players, Nerchio and the first Afreeca World champion souL, along with France’s Ptitdrogo. How will the tides of battle turn?

Hosted by LaughNgamez, Afreeca World 8 takes off on August 27th, 10AM PST.



Date: 8/27/2017 @ 10AM PDT / 5PM GMT

Format: 4 Man Single Elimination (Semis Bo5, Finals Bo7)

Prize: $200
1st: $125
2nd: $35
3rd: $20
4th: $20

Elazer (Poland) (Z) *Afreeca World repeat Champion
Nerchio (Poland) (Z)
souL (Poland) (T) *Afreeca World 1 Champion
PtitDrogo (France) (P)

More info: Team Liquid


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