About Us

Afreecatv is a social media platform that  anyone from anywhere can use to broadcast live!

Beginning in 2006, our service in South Korea has 25,000,000 users tuning into an average of 7,500 live channels!

To bring our fun and entertaining service to even more viewers around the world, Afreecatv has expanded into North America, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand with plans to enter other regions around the globe.

Registration Setup

For users who would like to enable a full Afreecatv Global experience, you will need to register.

To register, click the Log in/Sign up link at the top right corner of any page.

You will need to enter the following information:



Once finished, an email verification will be sent to your email as the final step! So don’t forget to confirm!

How To Broadcast

You may watch the following videos or go to this link, to help yourself get started in becoming a broadcaster on Afreecatv Global!