2018 GSL Code S Season 1 Ro32





#Resolution Stream Event Giveaway

 Happy New Year’s Afreeca! It’s already 2018 and time to start off the new year right! Get in shape, be more sociable, eat well, make something new, save money, whatever your resolution is, we got you! We want to see how long you can keep up with your ‘New You’ as well as build your channel’s content day by day! We will have one new winner each week and an overall winner for the month! Get a guaranteed prize just by streaming 6 out of 7 days in the week!


Duration: January 1st ~ January 29th, 2017


  • Weekly Winner: $50 x4 – One weekly winner will be chosen based on number of entries, stream duration, and content
  • Grand Prize: $100 for the best overall streamer of the month
  • Stream 6 days of the week’s content = Guaranteed $10 Amazon Gift Card (additional $10 every 6 days streamed)

How to Enter:

    1. Stream with content under the category of the week (see schedule) with #Resolution in the title for at least 1 hour to enter. Stream the most days of the week to be eligible to win the grand prize!
      • There will be 4 categories with a different topic each week. (category and entries will RESET every Monday)
      • One Grand Prize winner of the week will be chosen the following Monday (4 winners total)
      • Grand Prize winner will be chosen based on number of entries, stream duration, and content
      • Stream at least 6 of the week days for a guaranteed small prize!
      • Winners will be contacted by 2/5/2018

Category schedule:

Week 1: 1/01~1/07 – Active! (Fitness / Exercise / Dance / Outside etc)

Week 2: 1/08~1/14 – Food (Mukbang / Cooking / Food Challenge etc)

Week 3: 1/15~1/21 – Social (Talk Show / Collaboration / Show and Tell / Education / ASMR etc)

Week 4: 1/22~1/28 – Creative (Art / Music / Beauty / Fashion etc)

*Some types of content can work more than one category!

#Missiletoe Shooting Game Stream Event

It’s finally December and you know what that means! Christmas noobs are loose! Time load up your ‘slay ride’, deck the halls with bullet holes, and ring in the new year with a BANG! What better way to spend your holiday season than to kick back with your favorite shooter (and eggnog) and get your stocking stuffed with some Amazon Gift Cards in our #Missletoe giveaway! Stream any shooting game in December to be entered to win prizes!

Duration: 12/1 ~ 12/31


1st – $50 Amazon Gift Card

5 Runner ups – $20 Amazon Gift Card

How to Enter:

Stream any shooting game (Destiny 2, PUBG, Counter Strike, Call of Duty etc.) for at least 1 hour with the tag #Missletoe in the title to be entered for a chance to win!

– Broadcasts will be collected and placed into the #Missletoe Section

– Winners will be selected and contacted by 1/8 via the email associated with the AfreecaTV account.

Happy holidays and no scope 360s from AfreecaTV!

#Castmas Stream Event Contest

Happy Holidays from AfreecaTV!

All I want for Christmas is…. ‘12 Days of #Castmas’ and a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles! 12 Categories, 31 days, and a partridge in a pear tree!!! Everyday in December, we will feature a different category to stream and each day you broadcast will enter you into the contest. The more days you stream the more entries you’ll get and even be eligible for other prizes!


Duration: December 1st ~ December 31st, 2017


  • Grand Prize: 1 Trip to Los Angeles or $300 USD Cash* (see details below)
  • Stream 6 days = Guaranteed $10 Amazon Gift Card (additional $10 every 6 days streamed)

How to Enter:

    1. Stream with content under the category of the day (see schedule) with #Castmas in the title for at least 30 minutes (*hashtag is not necessary)
      • There will be 12 categories with a different topic each day.
      • Miss a day? You have 31 chances to participate! You don’t need to stream all 12! Stream at least 6 for a guaranteed small prize!
      • Hit all 12 categories? You can stream more to improve your chance!
    2. Fill out the Google Form with your category and VOD links! Deadline to submit is 1/5/2018!

Category schedule:







Show & Tell / Haul

Fashion / Beauty

Creative / Art

Dance / Fitness

Festive Theme

Buddy / Pet

*Grand Prize includes a paid flight to Los Angeles, California. Flight information and travel dates will be determined at a later time. Only one (1) person is eligible for the paid flight. The winner will be determined based off of completion of event criteria, stream time, viewership, and quality of content in the event of a tie. The winner may choose to forgo the grand prize for $300 USD instead of the flight to Los Angeles. Winners will be determined and contacted in January 2018. Stream must be a minimum of 30 minutes for one entry, only the designated topic is eligible per day, entrants cannot submit an unrelated topic for the day of the entry. Entrants must submit a minimum of 6 vods to be entered for a guaranteed prize and 12 vods to be entered into the grand prize. Deadline for entry is January 5th, 2018. Rules and details of the event are subject to change.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact support@afreeca.tv

Enjoy streaming and hope you all have a happy holidays from AfreecaTV!

-AfreecaTV Staff

ASL S4 Finals Hero vs Flash Live 11/12 @ 12AM PST

 ASL S4 Finals Hero vs Flash

Date: 11/12 Sunday @ 12AM PST
Match: herO (Z) vs Flash (T)

1. Crossing Field
2. Gold Rush
3. Gladiator
4. Fighting Spirit
5. Crossing Field

Live Channels:

English – http://afree.ca/aslenglish (Artosis and Tastosis)
English2 – http://afree.ca/aslenglish2 (EsportsJohn and FlashFTW)
Espanol – http://afree.ca/scenespanol (JimRising)
Polish – http://afree.ca/aslpolish (EmStarcraft)


Hanyang University Olympic Stadium
Hanyang University Station Line 2
East of Exit 2 or 3 via Salgoji-Gil

ASL Jacket Giveaway:
AfreecaTV will be giving away white ASL branded jackets as worn by the ASL pro players to the fans!


How to enter: During the live stream of the ASL S4 Finals, two (2) active members of the chat will be randomly selected and contacted the next day via AfreecaTV private message. Participants must be logged in present in the ASL English, ASL English2, SCenEspanol, or ASL Polish chat at the time of the ASL S4 Finals live stream on Sunday 11/12 12PM PST to be eligible to win.

AfreecaTV ASL4 Finals

Only two remain as hero approaches the Final Boss, Flash. On Sunday, November 12 at 12:00am PST at Hanyang University, this epic tale will come to a conclusion as one player will claim the largest first place prize in Brood War history of ₩60,000,000 KRW.

As one of the most consistent Zergs in recent history, hero has proven his worth by toppling many giants on his way to the finals. Eliminating Effort, Shine, Soulkey, and Larva he has shown himself to be the leader of the swarm as he heads in to represent the Zergs against the Ultimate Weapon. Will hero be able to continue his strong, consistent play through to first place?

Flash has continued his overwhelming era of dominance in season 4 of the ASL. He looks stronger and stronger with each season, breezing through the round of 16, sweeping past Mind, and taking out Bisu 3:1 with rock-solid play. He looks absolutely poised to take his third title in a row and claim that historical prize of ₩60,000,000 KRW.

A hero now stands before the Final Boss. This Final Boss has yet to be defeated. Will his dominating reign remain unchallenged or will hero defeat the unbeatable. Tune in to catch the thrilling conclusion to this historic match!

Watch ASL Season 4 Live:

http://play.afreecatv.com/aslenglish (English Casters: Artosis and Tasteless)

http://play.afreecatv.com/aslenglish2 (English: FlashFTW and EsportsJohn)

http://play.afreecatv.com/SCenEspanol (Spanish: JimRising)

http://play.afreecatv.com/aslpolish (Polish: Emil)