ASL S4 Finals Hero vs Flash Live 11/12 @ 12AM PST

 ASL S4 Finals Hero vs Flash

Date: 11/12 Sunday @ 12AM PST
Match: herO (Z) vs Flash (T)

1. Crossing Field
2. Gold Rush
3. Gladiator
4. Fighting Spirit
5. Crossing Field

Live Channels:

English – (Artosis and Tastosis)
English2 – (EsportsJohn and FlashFTW)
Espanol – (JimRising)
Polish – (EmStarcraft)


Hanyang University Olympic Stadium
Hanyang University Station Line 2
East of Exit 2 or 3 via Salgoji-Gil

ASL Jacket Giveaway:
AfreecaTV will be giving away white ASL branded jackets as worn by the ASL pro players to the fans!


How to enter: During the live stream of the ASL S4 Finals, two (2) active members of the chat will be randomly selected and contacted the next day via AfreecaTV private message. Participants must be logged in present in the ASL English, ASL English2, SCenEspanol, or ASL Polish chat at the time of the ASL S4 Finals live stream on Sunday 11/12 12PM PST to be eligible to win.

AfreecaTV ASL4 Finals

Only two remain as hero approaches the Final Boss, Flash. On Sunday, November 12 at 12:00am PST at Hanyang University, this epic tale will come to a conclusion as one player will claim the largest first place prize in Brood War history of ₩60,000,000 KRW.

As one of the most consistent Zergs in recent history, hero has proven his worth by toppling many giants on his way to the finals. Eliminating Effort, Shine, Soulkey, and Larva he has shown himself to be the leader of the swarm as he heads in to represent the Zergs against the Ultimate Weapon. Will hero be able to continue his strong, consistent play through to first place?

Flash has continued his overwhelming era of dominance in season 4 of the ASL. He looks stronger and stronger with each season, breezing through the round of 16, sweeping past Mind, and taking out Bisu 3:1 with rock-solid play. He looks absolutely poised to take his third title in a row and claim that historical prize of ₩60,000,000 KRW.

A hero now stands before the Final Boss. This Final Boss has yet to be defeated. Will his dominating reign remain unchallenged or will hero defeat the unbeatable. Tune in to catch the thrilling conclusion to this historic match!

Watch ASL Season 4 Live: (English Casters: Artosis and Tasteless) (English: FlashFTW and EsportsJohn) (Spanish: JimRising) (Polish: Emil)

ASL4 Ro4 Semifinals


We’re down to the final four. Larva, hero, Bisu, and Flash have endured up to this point, fighting through possibly the most stacked tournament to date. Larva and hero will square off in a terrifying Zerg vs Zerg on Sunday, Oct 29th at 3:00am PDT. The legendary Bisu and Flash will clash on Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st at 3:00am PDT.

Larva and hero, our last remaining Zergs, will determine who will lead the swarm into ASL Season 4’s finals. Both players had to battle their way from qualifiers and through multiple rounds to get here. Larva has been known to be a solid player online, but has had difficulties showing those skills in offline events. However, this season has been all him. He came out on top of the insane, zerg only group in the round of 16 and showed a dominating performance against Rain in the round of 8. However, hero has been zerg focused for weeks now, surviving the same all zerg group and knocking out Soulkey 3:2 in the round of 8.

Bisu and Flash flexed their legendary status as they breezed through their round of 16 groups and 3:0’d their respective opponents in the round of 8. This matchup will be a true clash of the titans and could have easily been the grand finals. Bisu has already mentioned previously in this tournament, that this may be his last. He wants nothing more than to go out on a big win, but the Ultimate Weapon, Flash, stands in his way. Flash has looked absolutely unstoppable as always, and looks to be headed towards his third ASL finals. However, if anyone is up to the task of stopping his reign of dominance, it’s a player like Bisu.

All matches will be held live at the FreecUP Studio in Seoul on Sunday and Tuesday at 3am PDT. The round of 4 will start on Sunday, October 29. The matches are becoming ever more intense as players come closer to that ₩60,000,000 won first place prize. Don’t miss out!

Watch ASL Season 4 Live: (English Casters: Artosis and Tasteless) (English: FlashFTW and EsportsJohn) (Spanish: JimRising) (Polish: Emil)

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