AfreecaTV Broadcasting Starter Guide

AfreecaTV Broadcasting Starter Guide

Creating and Verifying your account

Create an account and verify it to start streaming

  1. Head over to
  2. Click ‘Sign Up’ on the top right
  3. Enter your account details and press SIGN UP
  4. A verification link will be sent to your email. It may take up to 15 minutes to receive it. Once it arrives, verify your account by clicking the URL in the email, you will be directed back to the site to log-in.

Once your account has been email verified, you will be able to broadcast using any RTMP streaming software such as OBS and Xsplit. (If you are a citizen of Korea, you can sign up using the domestic portal.)

Streaming using third party programs

Once you have downloaded OBS or Xsplit, you can use it command your stream and broadcast to your AfreecaTV channel.

  1. Head to your dashboard at (alternatively you can locate your dashboard by clicking Go Live on the top of the main page)
    • Make note of your Stream Name and Server URL under Encoder Settings on the right
    • Your Stream Name is a combination of your user ID and numbers (ex. test-123456789)
    • Your Server URL is indicated with an rtmp address (ex. rtmp://

2. Open OBS or Xsplit and copy this information into the relative settings

=Using OBS=

2.1 In OBS, go to Settings > Stream

*In OBS Classic use Settings > Broadcast Settings

2.2 Copy your Server URL from your dashboard and paste it into URL

2.3 Copy your Stream Name from your dashboard and paste it into Stream key

2.4 Go to Settings > Output

2.5 Proceed to Step 3

=Using Xsplit=

2.6 In Xsplit, go to Output > Set up new output > Custom RTMP

2.7 Under Name, identify your output with any title, your viewers will not see this.

2.8 Copy your Server URL from your dashboard and paste it into RTMP URL

2.9 Copy your Stream Name from your dashboard and paste it into Stream Name

2.10 Proceed to Step 3

3. Enter your output settings values:

      • Video Bitrate: 4000 *max kbps (you may need to lower this based on your internet and computer hardware)
      • Video Encoder: x264 (or H.264)
      • Audio Bitrate: 192 *recommended but you can set it to any value
      • Audio Encoder: AAC
      • For advanced users, you may adjust other settings if needed, otherwise leave default settings

4. Set your video resolution output. We recommend 1280 x 720 (720p) and 30 fps

      • In OBS: Settings > Video
      • In Xsplit: Resolution drop box on the main window in the top right

5. Start your stream!

After setting up your scenes, you are ready to start broadcasting! (To end, simply repeat this step)

      • In OBS: ‘Start Streaming’ button on the bottom right
      • In Xsplit: Outputs > “Name” (you set it in step 2.6)

Streaming using a mobile device

You can broadcast to your AfreecaTV channel using an iOS or Android mobile device over 3G/4G wireless data or wifi.

  1. Download the AfreecaTV mobile app from your device’s App Store
  2. Log into your account from the left side menu bar
  3. To stream select ‘Go Live’ from the left side menu bar

=Start with Camera: Utilizes your device’s camera to stream=

3.1 Name your stream by editing the title(in the top left

3.2 When you are ready, press the red circle button to start streaming

3.3 To stop, press the red circle button again to end streaming

=Start with Live Cam: Broadcasts your device’s screen=

3.4 Name your stream in the title field. Press the blue arrow button when ready

3.5 You may need to grant permission to capture your device’s screen

3.6 When you are ready, press the ‘Start Stream’ button in the middle

3.7 To stop, press the Arti logo on the bottom right to open the settings cog wheel and press ‘End Stream’