KT’s LoL Team Rolster on AfreecaTV!


AfreecaTV and KT Rolster have partnered up to bring you the live streams of one of the best League of Legends teams in the world. Smeb, Score, Pawn, Deft, and Mata are all set to begin live-streaming on AfreecaTV. Their first official broadcast will be at 7:00am PDT on March 24th.


As part of a new esports venture called “New Media esports”, AfreecaTV has furthered their investment in League of Legends related content. Over a year ago, AfreecaTV entered the scene with a LoL team of its’ own and has also begun producing the LoL Challengers Korea for 2017. Now, with their partnership with KT, fans will be able to get up close and personal with some of the best players in the world.


Fans will now be able to watch KT play from a first-person view, seeing almost exactly how they play at such a high level. However, they will also be able to directly chat with them and get to know them on a personal level. Rolster members have expressed their excitement in being able to reach out to their fans on a broader scale and possibly show their fans a side of that they weren’t able to before.


Watch KT Rolster Live:


LCSK: Week 5 Wrap Up – Matches 17-20


Matches Covered:
Feb 13: http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/59922
CJ Entus vs APK
Griffin vs I Gaming Star

Feb 17: http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/60324
I Gaming Star vs Rising Star Gaming
Team BattleComics vs CJ Entus


Game 1 Summary:

Soul – Camille Cube – Shen
Winged – Reksai Hoglet – Elise
Candy – Corki DO IT – Syndra
Veritas – Jhin DAN – Ezrael
Pure – Tahm Kench Nova – Karma

CJ Entus showed their dominance early into the game with great coordination, proving their experience in champions league level.  First game was straight forward, all dominance by CJ Entus.  APK Prince tried to hold out, but CJ Entus was too much to handle, forcing APK on their back legs and eventually win game 1 with ease.

Game 2 Summary:

Cube – Kennen Soul – Maokai
Hoglet – Elise Winged – Olaf
DO IT – Ryze Candy – Casseopia
DAN – Lucian Veritas – Jhin
Nova – Malzahar Pure – Miss Fortune

At the start of game 2, things were going well for APK Prince.  For most of the laning phase, APK seemed to get the better of CJ Entus with good ganks and early kills.  Although APK had a strong start, it didn’t take CJ Entus very long to take control of the game.  Once team fighting broke out, the veteran CJ Entus team showed no mercy taking out APK Prince, which is by far a very solid team coming into this tournament with a 3-1 record.  CJ Entus just showing too much superiority in their coordination, as they take game 2 for a clean sweep against APK.


Game 1 Summary:

Griffin I Gaming Star
Sword – Maokai Patrick – Shen
Yonghun – Rengar Natu – Graves
Rather – Corki Dove – Syndra
Force – Ashe Hollow – Jhin
Shield – Karma Saymi – Malzahar

Game 1 of the series was a highly competitive game, with both teams equally getting their great moments with their engages.  Team fights were also entertaining to watch as both teams were able to get away with slivers of health or awesome out-plays that lead to some impressive kills.  The game also contained a nice Baron steal from IGS Natu, where he snuck in a Graves ult to sneak a slick baron steal away from Griffin.  Although IGS seemed to get the better of the kills early into the game, Griffin was able to walk out with the lead with great objective control, and eventually bring IGS down after a few well-executed team fights. Great win for Griffin, for an entertaining, hard fought game to start the series.

Game 2 Summary: 

I Gaming Star Griffin
Patrick – Nautilus Sword – Maokai
Natu – Graves Yonghun – Khazix
Dove – Corki Rather – Taliyah
Hollow – Varus Force – Ashe
Plankton – Blitzcrank Shield – Karma

The second game started out equally contested as the first, with both teams securing kills early, but the switch from Saymi to Plankton on IGS’ support role, proved to be the answer I Gaming Star was looking for.  Plankton made some notable plays with his Blitzcrank, able to land his grab to set up nice kills, with the help of some Nautilus hook as well.  It was clear that Plankton’s grabs spelled trouble for Griffin throughout the game, forcing them to make split second decisions between engaging or retreating, often ending in disaster for Griffin.  IGS get a well-deserved win over Griffin, splitting the series evenly with 1 game apiece.

Game 3 Summary: 

Griffin I Gaming Star
Sword – Maokai Patrick – Gragas
Yonghun – Rengar Natu – Graves
Rather – Casseopia Dove – Corki
Force – Jhin Hollow – Ezrael
Shield – Malzahar Plankton – Zyra

In game 3, Griffin make a ban against Plankton’s Blitzcrank which clearly was the game breaker from the previous game, forcing Plankton to go with his alternative Zyra pick.  Early into the game, it was clear that Plankton no longer had the same presence he had with Blitzcrank, showing some early struggles for the IGS bot lane.  Once team fighting began, Griffin seemed to be more comfortable engaging IGS with the absence of Planktons Blitz grab, causing Griffin to come out on top with most of the fights.  Griffin’s confidence with engaging, and the lack of Plankton’s presence and playmaking seemed to be the story of the game. Griffin take the series 2-1 winning them the match, and advancing them further into the tournament.



Game 1 Summary:

I Gaming Star Rising Star Gaming
Patrick – Maokai Hyuni – Nautilus
Natu – Lee Sin BBang – Reksai
Dove – Ryze Crow – Corki
Hollow – Ezrael OdduGi – Jhin
Plankton – Zyra HighDin – Malzahar

For about 20 minutes of the game, both teams seemed dead even up until the 20-minute mark, where a mid-game team fight breaks out with Rising Star Gaming coming out with an ACE to gain the momentum.  Not long after they get “ace’d”, IGS regain some control over the game by securing an easy Baron buff with a failed steal attempt by Rising Star.  In what seemed like a very messy game, RSG wasn’t able to maintain their strong, early lead, and IGS snowball to their victory thanks to 2 secured Baron buffs and a few ace’s.  I Gaming Star claim the first victory of the match.

Game 2 Summary:

Rising Star Gaming I Gaming Star
Hyuni – Gangplank Patrick – Maokai
BBang – Elise Natu – Lee Sin
Crow – Corki Dove – Casseopia
OdduGi – Ashe Hollow – Jhin
HighDin – Malzahar Plankton – Miss Fortune

IGS Natu has a rough start with his Lee Sin, unable to land a single Q with his first gank causing him to go down against Hyuni, giving up first blood, but not without taking Hyuni down with him.  After a short pause, the game resumes with IGS being able to build some momentum, scoring kills from all lanes and taking down the first 2 towers of game 2.  With a much smoother game than game 1, IGS was able to get the clean sweep on Rising Star Gaming by playing with more coordination and what looked like, better communication altogether. I Gaming Star win their match against Rising Star gaming.



Game 1 Summary:

Team BattleComics CJ Entus
Abmi – Maokai Soul – Shen
U Jun – Olaf Winged – Lee sin
Fact – Ryze Candy – Syndra
Benedict – Sivir Avenger – Jhin
Joker – Malzahar Racoon – Zyra

In what was supposed to be an easy game for CJ Entus, turned out to be a tough game ahead of them, as one of the lower ranked teams, Team BattleComics, almost ACE the favorite, CJ Entus.  Although BtC held their own against the #1 team in the tournament, CJ Entus kept their composure, and managed to build a gold lead, by staying in control of the map objectives.  BtC played their best game by far, but came in short at the end, by forcing a very sloppy team fight, resulting in an ACE scored by CJ Entus and ultimately costing them the game.  A well contested game by BtC, but CJ Entus showing veteran patience, closing out the game when given the opportunity and capitalizing on the opposing team’s mistakes.

Game 2 Summary:

CJ Entus Team BattleComics
Soul – Poppy Abmi – Maokai
Winged – Elise U Jun – Lee Sin
Candy – Ahri Fact – Taliyah
Avenger – Varus Benedict – Jhin
Racoon – Karma Joker – Braum

For the second game of the match, it played out the way it was originally expected between these 2 teams, that being CJ Entus doing as they pleased to Team BattleComics.  Despite the complete domination of CJ Entus, Team BattleComics had a few notable moments throughout the game.  BtC had a few plays that could’ve given them some momentum to go along with, but CJ Entus weaved their way around the map, always knowing what to do at the right times to flee with slivers of health, preventing BtC from making any type of comeback.  CJ Entus close out the game with an endgame score of 14-1, sweeping BtC, but also having to work a little harder than they expected.  Well-deserved win by CJ Entus as they remain undefeated having yet to lose a game in the tournament.

2017 LoL Challengers Korea [Spring]

AfreecaTV and Riot Games have partnered up to bring the LoL Challengers Korea Spring live to the FreecUP Studio. The LoL Challenger League is the second highest level of professional League in Korea. The highest placing teams are promoted to the LCK (LoL Champions Korea) and low placing teams from the LCK are relegated to the Challengers League.

Teams will battle over a 60M Won prize pool for both the Spring and Summer splits. The regular season will see all teams play in a two round, round robin with every match being a best of three. The play offs and finals will be a best of five.

The teams participating during the Spring will be: CJ ENTUS, Ever 8 Winners, APK Prince, BPZ, Rising Star Gaming, Griffin, I Gaming Star, and Team Battle Comics.

The 2017 LoL Challengers Korea Spring will run from Jan 16th to April 21st . The matches on Monday and Friday will begin at 00:00 PST and Saturday matches will begin at 20:00 PST.

Watch the 2017 LoL Challengers Korea Spring
http://afreeca.tv/challengers (English)

Team & Player Info:

About AfreecaTV
AfreecaTV is a social media platform that anyone from anywhere can use to broadcast live from PC and mobile devices. Founded in 2006, AfreecaTV is the #1 live streaming platform in South Korea. To make it accessible to global users and to expand on our success, AfreecaTV Global launched in 2015 and everyone can enjoy AfreecaTV’s original eSports content and various streams such as K-Pop, mokbang and social. For more info, visit AfreecaTV Global Website http://afreeca.tv .