KT’s LoL Team Rolster on AfreecaTV!


AfreecaTV and KT Rolster have partnered up to bring you the live streams of one of the best League of Legends teams in the world. Smeb, Score, Pawn, Deft, and Mata are all set to begin live-streaming on AfreecaTV. Their first official broadcast will be at 7:00am PDT on March 24th.


As part of a new esports venture called “New Media esports”, AfreecaTV has furthered their investment in League of Legends related content. Over a year ago, AfreecaTV entered the scene with a LoL team of its’ own and has also begun producing the LoL Challengers Korea for 2017. Now, with their partnership with KT, fans will be able to get up close and personal with some of the best players in the world.


Fans will now be able to watch KT play from a first-person view, seeing almost exactly how they play at such a high level. However, they will also be able to directly chat with them and get to know them on a personal level. Rolster members have expressed their excitement in being able to reach out to their fans on a broader scale and possibly show their fans a side of that they weren’t able to before.


Watch KT Rolster Live:

Diva Cup Interview

We interviewed a couple of our Diva Cup ladies with some fun questions!

Make sure to check them in Afreecatv’s first ever Diva Cup tournament this Saturday @ 12PM PST on Allaryce’s channel: http://afreeca.tv/36887292

Noveastar – Zerg – Diamond 2: https://twitter.com/Hush_NoveaStar

Midastouch – Protoss – Diamond 2: https://twitter.com/MidasTouchSC2

Koshkii – Protoss – Diamond 1: https://twitter.com/KoshkiiSC

Kyuubi – Zerg – Master 2

Who is your favorite starcraft player of all time?

Novea: Jaedong!! But current player Dark!

Midastouch: Hard one. I would say MarineKing, $O$, an Scarlett. MKP for the sassiness, the haircute and because he’s the first pro I heard about. $O$ for the builds and because he was so funny when I met him. Scarlett because shes’s strong and classy.

Koshkii: WhiteRa. Even though he hasn’t played competitively in a long time, his “special tactics” and his positivism in SC2  still sticks with me. More GG more skill. 🙂

Kyuubi: Snute.

What is your favorite food?

Novea: Sushi!!!

Midastouch: I could eat pancakes everyday.

Koshkii: Toasted Ravioli.

Kyuubi: Pizza.

What is your memorable moment or biggest achievement in Starcraft 2?

Novea: Getting to go to South Korea and visit AfreecaTV!!!

Midastouch: I’ve had the chance to do so many cool stuff – events, LANs, articles, streams, and tournaments. But the thing I loved the most was writing a battle rap where top french players diss each other.

Koshkii: Reaching Masters League for the first time was really awesome. I also met my husband through the game and I am so glad I did (even if he is Zerg)!

Kyuubi: WCS 2016

Which player do you think will win the Diva Cup?

Novea: Miyako.

Midastouch: I don’t know the brackets but is Miyako is in a good day she can crush us.

Koshkii: Wyscion for sure! I’ve watched hers stream and she’s got some serious skill.

Kyuubi: Wyscion or Miyako

What is your favorite unit in Starcraft 2?

Novea: Mutalisks!!

Midastouch: My favorite unit is the holy Protoss Mothership. Symbolically, it’s unconditional love and perfection. D Kim if you read be, bring back the vortex. Oracles and sentries kick ass too.

Koshkii: Definitely the Immortal. I have so much fun using them in timing attacks and cheeses.

Kyuubi: Hydralisk.

What race do you think is OP?

Novea: None, I think Blizzard does a great job with balance.

Midastouch: They have been periods of unbalance in the past but I’m not sure if there is an OP race right now. Zerg always meant troubles for me, but it’s just my mediocre understanding of the race.

Koshkii: I don’t think any race is exactly OP, but I definitely struggle with PvT. Their multipronged drops make me upset.

Kyuubi: I don’t think, that any race is OP, but I ‘like’ the oracle.

2017 GSL Round of 16 Group Selection


Group A
February 8, 2017 – 18:30 KST3d 07h 49m
. South Korea Terran TY 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Terran aLive 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Zerg ByuL 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Protoss Stats 0-0 0-0


Group B
February 11, 2017 – 13:00 KST6d 02h 18m
. South Korea Zerg Dark 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Protoss Classic 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Terran INnoVation 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Zerg soO 0-0 0-0


Group C
February 15, 2017 – 18:30 KST1w 3d
. South Korea Protoss herO 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Protoss Trap 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Zerg Leenock 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Terran Ryung 0-0 0-0


Group D
February 18, 2017 – 13:00 KST1w 6d
. South Korea Protoss sOs 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Terran KeeN 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Terran Bunny 0-0 0-0
. South Korea Terran Maru 0-0 0-0





Weekly Esports Wrap Up 2 – 01/30-02/03


VODS: http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/59017


Game 1: APK Prince (1-0) vs Griffin (1-0): 0-0



Cube (Top) – Jayce Sword (Top) – Poppy
Hoglet (Jungle) – Reksai Yonghun (Jungle) – Elise
DO IT (Mid) – Syndra Rather (Mid) – Corki
DAN (ADC) – Jhin Force (ADC) – Miss Fortune
Nova (Support) – Tahm Kench Shield (Support) – Karma

APK Prince with the early game lead on Griffin with 5-2 in kills. Griffin desperately attempts to bring the game back into their favor by forcing a fight at Baron. They managed to pick up the buff, but APK Prince instantly answers back by killing off 4 of their members, further increasing the kill lead to 9-3.

While all seems bleak for Griffin, APK Hoglet (Reksai) & Nova (Tahm Kench) gets caught. With two members down from APK, Griffin aggressively pushes down mid and takes down the first inhibitor of the game!

Griffin wins a skirmish in APK’s jungle and ties the kill count to 9-9. Feeling the momentum, Griffin decides to attempt Baron with a member of APK down desipte being at 20-30% health. The plan backfires with APK Cube (Jayce) & Hoglet (Reksai) teleporting back into the fight, allowing other members of APK to catch up and get 3 kills. Kill lead now back in APK’s favor, 12-10.

APK picks up the Baron buff shortly after, along with the Elder Drake buff. They push in towards Griffin’s base, catches Griffin Force (Miss Fortune) & Griffin Shield (Karma) off guard and wins game 1!

Game 2: APK Prince (1-o) vs Griffin (1-o): 1-0



Sword – Nautilus Cube – Rumble
Yonghun – Khazix Hoglet – Reksai
Rather – Syndra DO IT – Ekko
Force – Ashe DAN – Varus
Shield – Taric Nova – Tahm Kench

Griffin learned from their mistakes last game, and did not want to give an early lead to APK. Griffin Yonghun (Khazix) heads top and secures first blood on Cube (Rumble). Within 13 minutes of the game, they increase their kill lead to 4-1.

A team fight breaks out in the bottom river. Griffin’s Khazix gets poked down by Varus arrows, leaving him at 30% health before the fight even starts. He gets caught, and dies without being able to deal any damage despite being 4-1. Griffin’s Ashe walks up from bottom lane to help, gets intercepted by APK’s Ekko and instantly dies. APK cleans up 2 more, and ties the kill count to 5-5.

Another team fight in the middle lane at Griffin’s tower. APK Cube (Rumble) times his ult poorly, and deals no damage whatsoever due to APK Shield’s (Taric) ult. With APK’s main AOE damage gone, Griffin easily wins the fight 4 for 1 and pushes towards APK’s base. Griffin scores an ACE, after another poor timing from APK Cubes ult. With the superior CC team composition, allowing various methods of engagement, Griffin takes the game convincingly. Tying the series to 1-1.

Game 3: APK Prince (1-o) vs Griffin (1-o): 1-1



Cube – Poppy Sword – Maokai
Hoglet – Reksai Yonghun – Elise
DO IT – Corki Rather – Syndra
DAN – Varus Force – Miss Fortune
Nova –  Malzahar Shield – Tahm Kench

The final match for these two teams, currently undefeated at 1-0. Griffin gets the lead with Rather (Syndra) picking up a double kill and securing the first dragon. APK working to get the game back into their favor, initates a dive at Griffin’s bot lane tower and takes out Shield (Tahm Kench) and Force (Miss Fortune).

The first team fight occurs 17 minutes in. APK easily comes out on top getting 3 for 0, allowing them to pick up the first Baron. APK is just completely dominating this game with an 8k gold lead. Griffin is unable to close the gap with APK using their lead to take objective after objective. APK easily overcomes Griffin’s last stand, wins game 3 and takes the match, 2-1.


Game 2: BPZ (1-0) vs Rising Star Gaming (0-1): 0-0

Mong – Poppy Hyuni – Nautilus
Once – Graves Catch – Khazix
Cheong – Karthus Crow – Jayce
Tak2 – Ashe OdduGi – Jhin
Lehends – Braum HighDin – Karma


  • Interesting champion pick with BPZ Cheong picking Karthus. Got casters and a viewer excited.
  • BPZ Once Takes first blood, slaying Hyuni. At the same time, Mid Lane kill each other, with Karthus Ult going off. 2-1 BPZ lead.
  • Fight breaks out mid lane with both teams collapsing toward mid and both teams trade 2 for 2. Score 5-3 BPZ
  • Big team fight for Rising Star Gaming, 2 for 5. Team fights ties the game at 7-7
  • Rising Star Gaming secures first dragon of the game.
  • Big fight in Baron, both teams trade 2 for 2 with no one scoring Baron buff and many walking away with very little health. Score at 10-12 Rising Star Gaming
  • Crow as Jayce dealing TONS of damage each fight being the biggest obstacle for BPZ during team fights. Hyuni making big plays with great Nautilus hooks, getting a lot of great engages which gave them the turn-around lead. 10-16 Rising Star Gaming.
  • Rising Star engages with Jhin Ult and follow up with Nautilus hook forcing BPZ back, causing them to also make mistakes, while Rising Star capitalized every time. No answer from BPZ mid-way into the game. Score at 11-20 Rising Star Gaming build a big lead.
  • Rising Star Gaming takes Baron at 34 minutes in, also scoring kills while BPZ scores 1.
  • Rising Star initiates at bot lane base turret with baron buff, Crow obliterating their team with Jayce who was clearly the MVP of the game.

Rising Star Gaming takes game 1. End score 14-28

Game 2: BPZ (1-0) vs Rising Star Gaming (0-1): 0-1

Hyuni – Poppy Mong – Maokai
Catch –  Ivern Once – Khazix
Crow – Syndra Cheong – Zilean
OdduGi – Varus Tak2 – Jhin
HighDin – Zyra Lehends – Malzahar


  • Crow goes in for a kill on Zilean, but the fight turns around as Once jumps in for a gank and Cheong gets the kill on Crow for first blood!
  • BPZ Lehends initiates with Malzahar ult and Tak2 secures the kill on an overextended OdduGi at botlane.
  • Messy team fight in the top lane where BPZ tower dives Rising Star Gaming and walks out with a 3 for 1 trade. Score at 1-8 BPZ leads.
  • BPZ Once solos mountain drake for the first dragon of the game uncontested.
  • BPZ catches Crow out of position and secures the kill. Following the kill on Crow, BPZ capitalizes on the situation, they initiate a team fight scoring another 2 kills to add to their score. Meanwhile Cheong gets shutdown dropping his score to 6/1/3. BPZ leads 13-2.
  • Hard initiate by Mong’s Maokai at Rising Star’s base taking 2 kills and dropping 1 death by Cheong. Once leading the game with 11 kills and having only died once 30 minutes into the game. Score at 20-3 BPZ with a strong lead.
  • Rising star attempts to contest Baron, though their base was overrun by minions forcing them to go back and BPZ complete the first Baron buff and go for a final push to win game 2. BPZ wins 20-4. Match tied at 1-1

Game 3: BPZ (1-0) vs Rising Star Gaming (0-1): 1-1

Mong – Ekko Hyuni – Nautilus
Once – Khazix Catch – Ivern
Cheong – Syndra Crow – katarina
Tak2 – Jhin OdduGi – Varus
Lehends – Elise HighDin – Karma


  • Game was paused for about 10 minutes at the start of game 3.
  • Hyuni scores a double kill along with first blood taking down both Mong and Once due to a poorly coordinated gank. 2-0 Rising Star Gaming.
  • Rising star takes first blood tower at 9 minutes in. 2-3 Rising Star leads
  • Crow overcommits on Tak at bot lane, tower diving too far and goes down. BPZ ties game at 4 kills apiece.
  • Big team fight at top lane jungle with the fight going even with team members getting very low on health, then Crow jumps in with Katarina ult for a cleanup. Fight ends with 7-9 Rising Star Gaming
  • BPZ makes another mistake committing on the tank Nautilus, while Crow gets a solo kill and forces all of BPZ to retreat all the way back to their base. 8-11 Rising star
  • Hyuni as Nautilus built full tank and has a score of 8/0/2 seems to be unstoppable leading his team with kills
  • Rising Star engages in BPZ’s base with Rising Star scoring 3 kills but BPZ finally shut down Hyuni’s 9-14 Rising star lead.
  • Rising Star Gaming goes for a final push with Baron buff only losing Crow in the process, while taking down 3 members of BPZ and finishing the game.



  1. Group A
    Similar to Group B, but without the team history or championships titles.
  2. Group B (Insane)
    Everyone in that group was on SKT
    B. They have all won a GSL or SSL except soO.
  3. Group C
    More weaker players(Trap, Leenock, Ryung)
  4. Group D (Interesting)
    sOs seemed so confident against Terran
    B. Maru is the strongest in the group

Weekly Esports Wrap Up: 01/16-01/22



GSL Code S (Group E): http://afreeca.tv/36840697/v/57879
GSL Code S (Group H): http://afreeca.tv/36840697/v/58054
LoL Challengers (Game 1&2): http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/57711
LoL Challengers (Game 3&4): http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/57979
LoL Challengers (Game 4&5): http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/58196
ASL Finals: http://afreeca.tv/36855042/v/58130

GSL Code S
Group E

Group E
January 18, 2017 – 18:30 KST
1. South Korea Zerg Dark 2-0 4-0
2. South Korea Zerg Leenock 2-1 4-3
3. South Korea Terran Cure 1-2 3-5
4. South Korea Terran jjakji 0-2 1-4

Group H

Group H
January 21, 2017 – 13:00 KST
1. South Korea Terran TY 2-0 4-1
2. South Korea Protoss Trap 2-1 5-4
3. South Korea Zerg Solar 1-2 3-5
4. South Korea Zerg Armani 0-2 2-4

League of Legends Challengers Korea
Week 1

Match Results
E8W E8 WINlogo std.png 1 2 CJElogo std.png CJ
APK APKlogo std.png 2 0 BtClogo std.png BtC
BPZ BPZlogo std.png 2 1 IGSlogo std.png IGS
RSG RSGlogo std.png 0 2 Griffinlogo std.png Griffin

Week 2

Match Results
E8W E8 WINlogo std.png 2 1 BtClogo std.png BtC
CJ CJElogo std.png 2 0 IGSlogo std.png IGS

ASL Season 2 [Finals]


2017 LoL Challengers Korea [Spring]

AfreecaTV and Riot Games have partnered up to bring the LoL Challengers Korea Spring live to the FreecUP Studio. The LoL Challenger League is the second highest level of professional League in Korea. The highest placing teams are promoted to the LCK (LoL Champions Korea) and low placing teams from the LCK are relegated to the Challengers League.

Teams will battle over a 60M Won prize pool for both the Spring and Summer splits. The regular season will see all teams play in a two round, round robin with every match being a best of three. The play offs and finals will be a best of five.

The teams participating during the Spring will be: CJ ENTUS, Ever 8 Winners, APK Prince, BPZ, Rising Star Gaming, Griffin, I Gaming Star, and Team Battle Comics.

The 2017 LoL Challengers Korea Spring will run from Jan 16th to April 21st . The matches on Monday and Friday will begin at 00:00 PST and Saturday matches will begin at 20:00 PST.

Watch the 2017 LoL Challengers Korea Spring
http://afreeca.tv/challengers (English)

Team & Player Info:

About AfreecaTV
AfreecaTV is a social media platform that anyone from anywhere can use to broadcast live from PC and mobile devices. Founded in 2006, AfreecaTV is the #1 live streaming platform in South Korea. To make it accessible to global users and to expand on our success, AfreecaTV Global launched in 2015 and everyone can enjoy AfreecaTV’s original eSports content and various streams such as K-Pop, mokbang and social. For more info, visit AfreecaTV Global Website http://afreeca.tv .