#Resolution Stream Event Giveaway

 Happy New Year’s Afreeca! It’s already 2018 and time to start off the new year right! Get in shape, be more sociable, eat well, make something new, save money, whatever your resolution is, we got you! We want to see how long you can keep up with your ‘New You’ as well as build your channel’s content day by day! We will have one new winner each week and an overall winner for the month! Get a guaranteed prize just by streaming 6 out of 7 days in the week!


Duration: January 1st ~ January 29th, 2017


  • Weekly Winner: $50 x4 – One weekly winner will be chosen based on number of entries, stream duration, and content
  • Grand Prize: $100 for the best overall streamer of the month
  • Stream 6 days of the week’s content = Guaranteed $10 Amazon Gift Card (additional $10 every 6 days streamed)

How to Enter:

    1. Stream with content under the category of the week (see schedule) with #Resolution in the title for at least 1 hour to enter. Stream the most days of the week to be eligible to win the grand prize!
      • There will be 4 categories with a different topic each week. (category and entries will RESET every Monday)
      • One Grand Prize winner of the week will be chosen the following Monday (4 winners total)
      • Grand Prize winner will be chosen based on number of entries, stream duration, and content
      • Stream at least 6 of the week days for a guaranteed small prize!
      • Winners will be contacted by 2/5/2018

Category schedule:

Week 1: 1/01~1/07 – Active! (Fitness / Exercise / Dance / Outside etc)

Week 2: 1/08~1/14 – Food (Mukbang / Cooking / Food Challenge etc)

Week 3: 1/15~1/21 – Social (Talk Show / Collaboration / Show and Tell / Education / ASMR etc)

Week 4: 1/22~1/28 – Creative (Art / Music / Beauty / Fashion etc)

*Some types of content can work more than one category!


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