AfreecaTV ASL4 Finals

Only two remain as hero approaches the Final Boss, Flash. On Sunday, November 12 at 12:00am PST at Hanyang University, this epic tale will come to a conclusion as one player will claim the largest first place prize in Brood War history of ₩60,000,000 KRW.

As one of the most consistent Zergs in recent history, hero has proven his worth by toppling many giants on his way to the finals. Eliminating Effort, Shine, Soulkey, and Larva he has shown himself to be the leader of the swarm as he heads in to represent the Zergs against the Ultimate Weapon. Will hero be able to continue his strong, consistent play through to first place?

Flash has continued his overwhelming era of dominance in season 4 of the ASL. He looks stronger and stronger with each season, breezing through the round of 16, sweeping past Mind, and taking out Bisu 3:1 with rock-solid play. He looks absolutely poised to take his third title in a row and claim that historical prize of ₩60,000,000 KRW.

A hero now stands before the Final Boss. This Final Boss has yet to be defeated. Will his dominating reign remain unchallenged or will hero defeat the unbeatable. Tune in to catch the thrilling conclusion to this historic match!

Watch ASL Season 4 Live: (English Casters: Artosis and Tasteless) (English: FlashFTW and EsportsJohn) (Spanish: JimRising) (Polish: Emil)


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