The world becomes a battle zone as four elite Starcraft II players from around the world go at it in the Afreeca World Starcraft 2 Invitational Tournament! We invite Ptotdrogo, Harstem, Heromarine, and the Afreeca World repeat champion, Elazer.

Hosted by LaughNgamez, the action takes place on August 5th, 10AM PST.



Date: 8/5/2017 @ 10 AM PDT

Format: 4 Man Single Elimination (Semis Bo5, Finals Bo7)

Prize: $200
1st: $125
2nd: $35
3rd: $20
4th: $20

Elazer (Poland) (Z) *Afreeca World repeat Champion
HeRoMaRinE (Germany) (T)
Harstem (Netherlands) (P)
PtitDrogo (France) (P)

More info: TBA

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