We asked a couple of our favorite female Starcraft players some questions!

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Link: http://afreeca.tv/36887292


When and why did you start playing Starcraft?

Miezekotze: I started playing Starcraft in 1998 after my brother introduced me to the game. I didn‘t really play Starcraft or Broodwar competitively. That started with Starcraft 2 around July 2010. I took a break from 2013 to 2014 and started to play a lot and stream my games after that.

Piscolita: I started to play SC2 in 2010. I always liked strategy games and one day I saw a friend play sc2 and I bought it.

Grizzly: I started playing StarCraft when I was 11. I was looking for another RTS since I enjoyed games like Age of Empires so much so, the first time I got my hands on SC, I was blown away. It was just like it! But better… AND IN SPACE! I never got serious about it, though. Not until SC2 came out. I remeber I was so excited when I first watched the Tychus cinematic. Then I started researching eSports. It was like a dream come true, you know? People gaming for a living.

Poizon: In 2012, my boyfriend at the time played Starcraft and I wanted to understand the game so I could cheer him on better.  I ended up getting the game because I wanted something new and figured he could help me with it. I didn’t start to actually try to get better til 2014.

WyScion: I saw a family friend show SC1 to my older brother when I was 8 and obviously wanted to play it, probably because neither of them wanted me to join in the gaming and annoy them.I never got bored though and have been playing SC ever since.

Polikuji: I started in late Heart of the Swarm, my father played the game and he got me into it.

Noveastar: I was always afan of RTS games and when SC2 came out, I got the beta and I haven’t stopped yet!

Midastouch: I started playing in 2010 because my bf at the time and his friends were playing.

How did you start out in gaming?

Miezekotze:  My father bought our first console when I was very little, it was a Mattel Intellivision. Then my brother had all the consoles you can think of and we spent a lot of time playing together. Around 1995 I got my first PC and started playing a lot of simulation games and really enjoyed the rts genre.

Piscolita: Since I have memory I play video games.

Grizzly: Gaming started really early for me. There’s this picture in a family album. I’m three years old and I have a SEGA Genesis controller in my hands. I was playing The Lion King. That’s where it all began.

Poizon: My oldest brother would always show me the games he played and got me into them.  I actually came up with “Poizon” back when he got me into Diablo and I needed a character name.  Still not sure how I came up with it but it works. I’ve played several different kinds of games, from card games like “Magic the Gathering”, to Diablo, to Gunbound.  Eventually I got him into new games I would play like League of Legends and then Starcraft.  I am a very competitive person so a game like Starcraft is perfect for me.  I prefer games where I do not have to rely on others to determine whether I win or lose.

WyScion: My first memory ever was getting my N64 for Hanukkah when I was 3 so literally been gaming as long as I can remember.

Polikuji: My father teaching me, I played on the Play-station 2 when I was really young and that got me into video games

Noveastar: FPS. Call of duty competitively.

Midastouch: I went to events organized in Paris, meanly by OGaming and to the Meltdown (barCraft).

Anything special you do to warm up before games?

Miezekotze:  Not really. I tend to stretch my hands and fingers in between games, because it is important to keep everything flexible. Other than that, I just start with the clicking.

Piscolita: No, I only sometimes watch replays before playing.

Grizzly: I’m extremely pragmatic. I have routines and all. I like to do drills focused on micro, macro and multitasking before laddering. There’s plenty of great maps to practice specific skills in the Arcade.

Poizon: I don’t do anything special to warm up.  I’ll go into a custom game and just do a build I normally do to get my mind into Starcraft mode.

WyScion: When I’m nervous in tourneys I like to blast loud angry metal music until I don’t feel nervous anymore.

Polikuji: Just taking deep breaths moving my fingers around.

Noveastar: I always wait until im fully awake and have eaten breakfest and stretched. I refuse to play before then. I also generally do hand warmups and wrist stretches.

Midastouch: I smile.

Why do you like about your main race and why?

Miezekotze:  I just like how everything flows as a Zerg player – and I really like the whole concept around the race. Spreading creep, injecting, managing all these things to have a good map view and lots of units.

Piscolita: I tried playing with all races, then played Terran for a long time and until now I play protoss.

Grizzly: Terran is just so much fun to play! Robots, flying buildings, dropships… It’s all raw beauty.

Poison: I originally fell in love with Protoss because I discovered DTs and love being annoying with them.

WyScion: Zerg is cool!!!!!!!! When I was a little kid I thought they were fascinating but kind of gross. I race switched a few times when i was new though.

Polikuji:  I play random for the most part, and I love playing a variety of strategies, my favourite race is zerg because of its smarmy aspect.

Noveastar: Zerg, I like the speed of production and the ability to outmax and remax your oponient.

Midastouch: I like the lore of Protoss. Also I like the spells and the big unbeatable army after a 1hour game.

How long do you devote time to playing SC?

Miezekotze:  I stream five times a week and usually play 4-5 hours in these sessions. Then there’s practice with my team, and I also try to squeeze in off-stream sessions as much as I can when I’m not working.

Piscolita: Every time I have time, for work now I play a couple of parties a day and other times a couple a week.

Poison: I usually play at least 3 hours of SC every day.

WyScion: Not enough…I’m a busy engineering student and reallllllllllllly lazy about SC. But I’m always watching/thinking about it so that makes up for the lower play time.

Polikuji: Most of my evenings, school has not picked up a whole lot so I have spare time.

Noveastar: I play everyday on and off throughout the day. I’d say on average at least 3+ hours a day.

Midastouch: Depends. Sometime I play a lot, other times I’m on DotA

What would you like to see more of for the SC female community?

Miezekotze:  I think there’s a lot going on for female Starcraft players. A lot of us know each other, which makes all of this feel like a big family, and that’s really a good feeling. Knowing that there are quite a lot of female gamers who want to be competitive in this fast paced, challenging game.

Grizzly: I would love to see more female players in high profile competitions like GSL, WCS, Dreamhack. I would LOVE to represent Mexico in Nation Wars some day. Also, I would like tournaments and leagues like the FSL and Diva Cup to be considered high profile in the near future.

Poison: I would like to see more females of all levels compete in the female-only tournaments.  I know many do not because they are nervous because they may not be as good as others, but getting a competitive experience may bring out a drive to get even better.  I know it does for me.

WyScion: Players? Pros? Iunno its a cool scene so Id like to see more of it.

Polikuji: More of the females playing in the open tourneys that are always online and getting their names out there.

Noveastar: The continuation of tournaments, leagues and events. I am very pleased that the female community has grown to such extend. In the past it seemed more difficult to put these events together.

A message to any of the other competitors?

Miezekotze:  Just enjoy the game and don’t be too hard on yourself ^^

Grizzly: I love every single one of my opponents. I think all people have a unique way of being awesome and they are no exception. My message to them is that I hope to keep competing against them, practicing with them and just growing together as players. Wish them the best, always.

Poison: Be afraid of the DT Queen 🙂

WyScion: gLHF!

Polikuji: Enjoy yourself and have fun, while still being competitive!

Noveastar: I wish them all the best of luck! They are all great dedicated players that I hope make it far in their Starcraft journey.

Midastouch: To all of them: have fun 🙂


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