I Heart StartCraftWe have finally arrived to the Grand Finals of one of the most stacked GSLs in history. To add to the excitement, Blizzard and AfreecaTV are putting together an event to show their appreciation to the StarCraft community with special guests TaekBangLeeSsang and Mike Morhaime! In Korea, some would say StarCraft is like a national treasure. For 19 years they’ve shown support for this beautiful game, breeding the very esports scene we see today. You will not want to miss this unique and momentous event kicking off Saturday, March 25 at 10:00pm PDT!

GSLFinalsAppearing in his fifth GSL final, soO had arguably one of the most difficult roads to the finals. He survived the SKT reunion group of death, narrowly beat TY in the round of eight, and looked to be back to his former self with an impressive display against sOs in the semi-finals. He appears to be in good shape as we head into the finals, but Stats is looking strong himself. Stats had a great run at IEM Katowice, taking down another tough zerg, Dark, in the semi-finals.

However, here is where the story gets interesting. Stats and soO are infamous when it comes to getting 2nd place or just falling short of winning at the end. soO has four, straight 2nd place finishes in the GSL and Stats has a healthy amount of 2nd place and top 4 finishes. For one of these players, the drought will finally be over. They will finally raise the trophy in victory, while the other will be officially the King of the Kongs.

In addition, AfreecaTV Global is hosting a Starcraft streaming event from mid-March to April. During the event period, anyone who broadcasts at least one hour of Starcraft will be eligible to win an Afreeca Freecs hoodie, a Razer mouse, Afreeca Swag, and BattleNet Gift Cards. Please check out our post for more details: http://www.afreeca.tv/help/#pt=notice#no=97 .

Watch the GSL Finals Live:

http://afreeca.tv/2017gsl   (English Casters: Artosis and Tasteless)

http://afreeca.tv/korea20    (Russian Caster: Alex007)

http://afreeca.tv/gslesp    (Spanish Caster: JimRising)

http://afreeca.tv/gslpl     (Polish Caster: Emil)


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