This past weekend’s Diva Cup , hosted by Allaryce and Temp0, was an exciting journey.

All ladies showed us a great long fight! Zerg player, Wyscion came out on top to be our strongest female competitor that day!

She came out of the bottom bracket, making her way through Bo5 and Bo3, and to becoming the first ever Diva Cup champion.


Check out the Diva Cup here:



What was your initial reaction when seeing ‘victory’ come across the screen in your final match of the Diva Cup?

“I immediately jumped up and shouted “Yes!” beause I spent the whole finals so tense and so once the match ended I was really excited. Then I ran out to the living room and gave my roommate a big hug because he had been watching the stream and cheering me on all day.”

What was your favorite match to watch that day?

“I thought Koshkii vs Kyuubi was pretty fun. It was also a nice break after my first match vs Miyako.”

Hardest challenge you faced during the tournament?

“Dealing with my mindset, I get the worst tournament nerves and they make my play pretty horrible? Did you see my injects vs Miyako that first series? I didn’t!”

If there was something you can change about your gameplay during Diva cup, what would it be?

“As a follow up, just playing against the nerves better, I felt as if my mechanics were quite poor all tournament by my standards.”

Best thing you liked about Diva Cup? 

“Other than winning, I do think there was one aspect of my play that I really liked, which was how I was mixing it up. I brought out a bunch of different cheeses and BIG BLACK HAT BUILDS, but played mostly macro so it was hard to prepare for them.”

Any funny behind the scenes stories?

“After I lost to Miyako in the semifinals, I got pep talks from my dad, my roommate, and my team. Those helped, and I even played a few games against my teammate frugs. But what really helped was after that I turned put on my headphones, turned the volume to max, and just rocked out to Rammstein, singing, dancing, and all, if it had been caught on camera if would have been really embarrassing. Rammstein is really nice because they’re so angry sounding that by the end of a few songs that I got all my salt out from the loss and was ready go into the next match!”

Do you think you’d be back for another Diva cup tournament?

“I intend to! I also plan to work on my nerves some so that I’m ready for then.”

Any final thoughts or shootouts you’d like to share?

“Oh wow, there’s a lot. To my team, All-Inspiration (THE BIG BLACK HAT CLAN) and especially frugs for playing games with me. To my roommate, Ryan, who helped talk me through my losses, and watched even though he doesn’t play Starcraft. To my dad who kept encouraging me even though he called my builds dirty. He’s a Protoss player so he doesn’t actually have the right to call my builds dirty (PROOF). And lastly to Allaryce, Temp0, and all the sponsors and tournament organizers who helped put it together, it was a lot of fun!”

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