We interviewed a couple of our Diva Cup ladies with some fun questions!

Make sure to check them in Afreecatv’s first ever Diva Cup tournament this Saturday @ 12PM PST on Allaryce’s channel: http://afreeca.tv/36887292

Noveastar – Zerg – Diamond 2: https://twitter.com/Hush_NoveaStar

Midastouch – Protoss – Diamond 2: https://twitter.com/MidasTouchSC2

Koshkii – Protoss – Diamond 1: https://twitter.com/KoshkiiSC

Kyuubi – Zerg – Master 2

Who is your favorite starcraft player of all time?

Novea: Jaedong!! But current player Dark!

Midastouch: Hard one. I would say MarineKing, $O$, an Scarlett. MKP for the sassiness, the haircute and because he’s the first pro I heard about. $O$ for the builds and because he was so funny when I met him. Scarlett because shes’s strong and classy.

Koshkii: WhiteRa. Even though he hasn’t played competitively in a long time, his “special tactics” and his positivism in SC2  still sticks with me. More GG more skill. 🙂

Kyuubi: Snute.

What is your favorite food?

Novea: Sushi!!!

Midastouch: I could eat pancakes everyday.

Koshkii: Toasted Ravioli.

Kyuubi: Pizza.

What is your memorable moment or biggest achievement in Starcraft 2?

Novea: Getting to go to South Korea and visit AfreecaTV!!!

Midastouch: I’ve had the chance to do so many cool stuff – events, LANs, articles, streams, and tournaments. But the thing I loved the most was writing a battle rap where top french players diss each other.

Koshkii: Reaching Masters League for the first time was really awesome. I also met my husband through the game and I am so glad I did (even if he is Zerg)!

Kyuubi: WCS 2016

Which player do you think will win the Diva Cup?

Novea: Miyako.

Midastouch: I don’t know the brackets but is Miyako is in a good day she can crush us.

Koshkii: Wyscion for sure! I’ve watched hers stream and she’s got some serious skill.

Kyuubi: Wyscion or Miyako

What is your favorite unit in Starcraft 2?

Novea: Mutalisks!!

Midastouch: My favorite unit is the holy Protoss Mothership. Symbolically, it’s unconditional love and perfection. D Kim if you read be, bring back the vortex. Oracles and sentries kick ass too.

Koshkii: Definitely the Immortal. I have so much fun using them in timing attacks and cheeses.

Kyuubi: Hydralisk.

What race do you think is OP?

Novea: None, I think Blizzard does a great job with balance.

Midastouch: They have been periods of unbalance in the past but I’m not sure if there is an OP race right now. Zerg always meant troubles for me, but it’s just my mediocre understanding of the race.

Koshkii: I don’t think any race is exactly OP, but I definitely struggle with PvT. Their multipronged drops make me upset.

Kyuubi: I don’t think, that any race is OP, but I ‘like’ the oracle.

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