: http://afreeca.tv/36888258/v/59253

Match 1:


Game 1 Summary:

CJ ENTUS Rising Star Gaming
Soul – Maokai Hyuni – Nautilus
Winged – Elise Catch – Khazix
Candy – Corki Crow – Taliyah
Veritas – Varus OdduGi – Jhin
Pure – Thresh HighDin – Karma

CJ Entus Soul picks up first blood with the help of Winged, ganking the top lane. Due to great coordination and clean ganks from CJ Entus, they easily set the tempo of the game and Rising Star Gaming cannot keep up. Great ward and objective control from CJ Entus. They pick up the first tower and first dragon, and RSG have yet to pick up a single kill.

A team fight breaks out 28 minutes into the game. RSG manages to pick up 3 kills for 2, putting the kill count at 6-3, still in favor of CJ Entus. Despite the small victory, RSG fails to ward the Baron pit, allowing CJ Entus to take the Baron uncontested.

CJ Entus picking up objective after objective, just too far in the lead for RSG to do anything about it. CJ Entus forces their way into the enemy’s Nexus and takes game 1. Final kill count 10-4.

Game 2 Summary:

Rising Star Gaming CJ ENTUS
Hyuni – Rumble Soul – Kennen
Catch – Ivern Winged – Khazix
Crow – Jayce Candy – Syndra
OdduGi – Jhin Veritas – Ashe
HighDin – Tahm Kench Pure – Karma

CJ Entus showing us why they were once in the Championship league. Pretty much a repeat of game 1, just straight dominating on RSG. CJ Entus picks up the first blood once again, this time over in the mid lane with Candy taking down Crow.

While RSG manages to pick up a few kills, CJ Entus is just a beast in taking objectives. 27 minutes into the game, CJ Entus gets a 5-0 ACE on RSG, allowing them to take down Baron. With better shot calling, objective control, and team coordination, CJ Entus wins Game 2. Continuing their winning streak (3-0), and fighting for their spot back into the LCK.

Match 2:


Game 1 Summary:

APK Prince BPZ
Cube – Kennen MONG – Poppy
Hoglet – Elise Once – Lee Sin
DO IT – Jayce Cheong – Corki
DAN – Varus Tak2 – Jhin
Nova – Tahm Kench Lehends – Zyra

First blood goes to BPZ’s Once, after a small fight in the jungle against APK’s Hoglet. Despite that early lead, APKs poke comp proves to be too much for BPZ in the mid game. With a steady barrage of pokes, especially from DO IT landing those crucial shockwaves, BPZ is forced to give up tower after tower. Allowing APK to take down the first inhibitor of the game.

The number of objectives taken from APK increases their gold lead by more than 6k, 33 minutes into the game. This gold lead, mixed with APKs constant siege pressure and poke gives them the first game quite convincingly.

Game 2 Summary:

BPZ APK Prince
MONG – Jayce Cube – Poppy
Once – Khazix Hoglet – Elise
Cheong – Corki DO IT – Syndra
Tak2 – Ashe DAN – Jhin
Lehends – Karma Nova – Thresh

This time around, BPZ takes the Jayce away and does a poke comp of their own while APK opts to go for a pick comp. Cube picks up first blood with the help of Hoglet’s gank. APK takes control in the early game by picking off members of BPZ.

Even with APKs lead, a pick comp does not excel in a 5v5 team fight as their composition was made to eliminate stray members before a team fight does occur, giving them a numbers advantage. This weakness shows as BPZ would come out on top more often during those team fights.

25 minutes in, and it still can be anybody’s game. Kill count is 15-12, slightly favoring APK along with a 1k gold lead. APK manages to pick off members of BPZ which grants them the first Baron of the game. BPZ putting up a great fight, trying hard to hold on, but ultimately lose grip and and APK takes game 2.


Match 1:


Game 1 Summary:

EVER 8 Winners Griffin
Helper – Poppy Sword – Camille
Malrang – Khazix Bin – Elise
Cepted – Corki Rather – Syndra
Deul – Caitlyn Force – Varus
Ella – Malzahar Shield – Karma

Most of the early game, both teams seemed to be dead even on objectives and kills. The first clear advantage went to EVER 8 Winners by engaging onto an out-of-place team Griffin, and capitalizing on a free Baron buff after forcing Griffin to retreat.  The beginning of the end begins to show once EVER 8 gets a second baron, and eventually snowball into their victory. EVER 8 takes game 1.

Game 2 Summary:

Griffin EVER 8 Winners
Sword – Jayce Helper – Poppy
Bin – Elise Malrang – Khazix
Rather – Syndra Cepted – Ryze
Force – Varus Deul – Sivir
Shield – Tahm Kench Ella – Karma

Game 2 starts off with another early stalemate regarding gold advantages, but EVER 8 leads the game early on with kills showing their ability to pick Griffin off.  Towards the mid-game Griffin regains control on the map, taking out towers and catching up on kills, giving them a 3k gold lead.  As things start to look good on Griffins side, EVER 8 Winners catch Griffin off guard in their base and force a hard team fight that gives EVER 8 an ACE on Griffin. EVER 8 Winners show they have the clear advantage when it comes to coordinated team fights constantly coming out on top whenever they force a team fight.  Griffin failed to close the game out while they had the clear advantage, causing EVER 8 to come back and take the game. EVER 8 gets the clean sweep on Griffin, tying them with CJ ENTUS.


Match 2:

Game 1 Summary:

I Gaming Star APK PRINCE
Patrick – Maokai Cube – Rumble
Natu – Graves Hoglet – Rengar
Dove – Leblanc DO IT – Ryze
Hollow – Jhin DAN – Varus
Plankton – Blitz Nova – Alistar

The underdogs, I Gaming Star, come out swinging.  They prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with, handling APK PRINCE who seemed to be out of their game.  Plankton manages to land perfect Blitzcrank grabs to set up the kills for his team, spelling out a lot of trouble for APK Prince to deal with.  APK Prince couldn’t come up with an answer to the pressure, and I Gaming Star completely dominates in Game 1 for the series.

Game 2 Summary:

APK PRINCE I Gaming Star
Cube – Renekton Patrick – Gragas
Hoglet – Elise Natu – Graves
DO IT – Casseopia Dove – Ryze
DAN – Jhin Hollow – Ezrael
Nova – Malzahar Plankton – Zyra

I Gaming Star pick up from where they left off, and get a couple kills over APK prince early in the game.  Although I Gaming Star came off with an early lead, APK PRINCE answer back mid-game showing IGS that they’re still in the game.  Despite APK PRINCE’s efforts to hold off IGS, APK PRINCE fall short, losing game 2. I Gaming Star gets the clean sweep with 2 upsets for the night !

GROUP A: http://afreeca.tv/36840697/v/59400
GROUP B: http://afreeca.tv/36840697/v/59702



Group A
February 8, 2017 – 18:30 KST
1. South Korea Terran TY 2-0 4-1
2. South Korea Protoss Stats 2-1 5-3
3. South Korea Zerg ByuL 1-2 3-5
4. South Korea Terran aLive 0-2 1-4


Group B
February 11, 2017 – 13:00 KST
1. South Korea Terran INnoVation 2-0 4-1
2. South Korea Zerg soO 2-1 4-3
3. South Korea Protoss Classic 1-2 4-4
4. South Korea Zerg Dark 0-2 0-4

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