AfreecaTV and Riot Games have partnered up to bring the LoL Challengers Korea Spring live to the FreecUP Studio. The LoL Challenger League is the second highest level of professional League in Korea. The highest placing teams are promoted to the LCK (LoL Champions Korea) and low placing teams from the LCK are relegated to the Challengers League.

Teams will battle over a 60M Won prize pool for both the Spring and Summer splits. The regular season will see all teams play in a two round, round robin with every match being a best of three. The play offs and finals will be a best of five.

The teams participating during the Spring will be: CJ ENTUS, Ever 8 Winners, APK Prince, BPZ, Rising Star Gaming, Griffin, I Gaming Star, and Team Battle Comics.

The 2017 LoL Challengers Korea Spring will run from Jan 16th to April 21st . The matches on Monday and Friday will begin at 00:00 PST and Saturday matches will begin at 20:00 PST.

Watch the 2017 LoL Challengers Korea Spring (English)

Team & Player Info:

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